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Make someones day today

It is all about making someones day.
In our world today we have learned to serve ourselves. We have self service drink counters in local resturants. We can buy insurance, clothing, jewlry, cars, hotels, air fare, and even groceries are purchased online. We pump our own gas at convience stores. Everything in our economy is engineered for self service. I really like it too. It is efficent, it is fast. I don't mind pumping my own gas to save a few dollars and a few minutes in my busy day. As society becomes more and more self sufficent the opportunity to truely serve someone has become rarer and rarer. Our challenge today is to jump at the each opportunity of service and make it our daily ambition to make someones day to day. At Traci's we provide a fair service at a fair price. And if we are lucky perhaps we can do something extra for you that will brighten your day or put a smile on your face.
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